About Us

We are a family run business with the sole ambition to give every gamer the opportunity to play with the latest tech.

Our first ever PC was brought by a young girl with her Christmas money. We were so overwhelmed with the excitement she had when viewing the gaming PC we decided to do it again and now the rest, several years later is history!

We offer a variety of services including giveaway competitions enabling you the opportunity to win amazing equipment at a fraction of the cost price.

We Are Your Favourite, Online Store.

Super Cool Temperatures

We always ensure the system temperatures are stable and within the guided limits of the equipment installed.

Simple returns

We wouldn't be here without you and we understand the difficulty and inconvenience in returning unwanted or faulty goods so we make things really simple and offer full step by step process which includes free collection and return.

Free Delivery

Really is that simple. No matter the price, anywhere in the UK is free!

Thank you

We mean this. More than anything, thank you for trusting us to deliver the most important purchase to your business, your entertainment, your friends and your family. Without you we could achieve what we seek to deliver, so thank you!

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